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Rental LED Display vs Indoor Fixed LED Display – What Is the Difference?


LEDs are an integral part of our everyday life. You seem to find them everywhere, in different places. Be it restaurants, shopping malls, airports, etc.

Depending on the use, you can go for either rental led displays or indoor fixed led displays. Well, there are many different types of LED displays. So, how to know which display is suitable for you and how can you choose?

Thus, we’ll explain the concept of LED displays in today’s post. Our emphasis will be on rental led display and indoor fixed led display. Keep reading to find out more!

What Is a Rental LED Display?

A Rental LED display is an option to settle for if you have no plans of spending vast amounts of money on an LED display.

A majority of event hosts prefer rental led displays. That’s because they are much more flexible, cheaper, and moveable.


The rental LED display technology is also energy-saving, with exceptional brightness.

While you can use “LED” for all kinds of displays, “rental led display” is pretty much different. They come with larger screens, which makes them fit for public consumption.

Different artists rent and use them for stage performances. They are helpful at parties, exhibitions, nightclubs, conference rooms, and auditoriums.

In other words, rental LED displays are large screens used at prominent events.

Features of Rental LED Display

In choosing a rental led display, there are specific top features that you must check out. Some of these include:

1. Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch shows the space between two LEDs on the wall. Thus, a smaller pixel pitch may be the best to get high-resolution images.

While a smaller pixel pitch may be expensive, it will enable you to achieve precise images.

Besides, you must consider the quality of the content you intend to render on the LED wall. You can make the right decision when you are specific about your needs.

2. IP Rating

The IP rating is an essential feature of rental LED displays. It lets you select the right product for a particular application or environment.

A LED panel with the proper IP rating improves the performance of displays and images. It also protects them from certain environmental elements.

Also, an outdoor rental LED display should have at least IP65 (at the front) and IP54 (at the back) ratings. In the absence of particular situations, an IP43 should be great for an indoor rental led display.

3. Aspect Ratio

An aspect ratio describes the proportion between a display’s width and height. So, knowing the exact size you need helps in better decision-making. The usual aspect ratio for most rental LED displays is 16:9.

The aspect ratio is necessary because it affects the outcome of the display. For example, if you end up squeezing a large video or image on a smaller display, you are bound to get poor results. You may end up with an unrealistic, cheap quality resolution.

For clarity, a 16:19 aspect ratio means that the weight and height of the display are at 16/9.

4. Service Time

You will often need to pay a higher amount, especially if it’s your first day of renting. Frequent and extended usage can earn you a discount.

5. Installation

Installing the rental led displays requires specific essential tools. Sometimes, you can face difficulties while trying to install the Led display.

In cases like this, hiring professionals can help you reduce the complexities. While that might mean paying more for labor costs, it is the best option.

Benefits of Rental LED Display

Compared to regular ones, rental led displays have a lot of advantages. A few these benefits include but are not limited to:


1. Quick Installation

Rental Led displays have an aluminum-based cabinet, which makes them lighter. It makes disassembling the parts more convenient and faster than you can expect.

Thus, most technicians do not spend several hours splicing the cabinets. It makes the installation process quite time and money-saving.

2. Portable and Ultra-thin

The making of traditional led displays cabinets follows the SPCC procedure. They go through a series of soldering, bending, spraying, etc. While their cost is low, they are too hefty to move.

After production, the traditional led display can weigh over 60kg per square meter.

But, rental led displays are different since they are aluminum-based products. A standard rental led display weighs around 30-50kg/m2. They are lightweight and can conduct thermal energy.

3. Durability

One major thing that reduces the lifespan of led displays is the LED bulb. The higher the temperature, the faster the LED dies.

But LED rental displays feature aluminum cabinets. They can cool and conduct thermal energy. So, this means it can stabilize and increase the lifespan of the LED display.

4. Reliability

As you already know, outdoor LED displays can be durable. It can function at all times, regardless of the weather conditions. That’s because manufacturers use newer technologies to make them. It allows you to rent, install, and impress your audience whenever you want to.

5. Affordability

As an event organizer, the outdoor rental led displays are perfect. It’s ideal if you want to achieve excellence on a limited budget. Disassembling and installing the rental Led display is quick and easy. That makes hiring technicians at little or no cost possible.

Besides, it can produce bright, clear images. You don’t need to have a lot of screens to meet your audience’s expectations.

Different Applications of Rental Led Displays

Rental LED displays are helpful in many ways. That’s because you can use them at many events.

1. Stage Performances

The rental led display is a must-have tool for having a perfect stage performance. You can use it to put up a solid artistic appeal at concerts.

Its high-quality color contrast and brightness improve the impact of the performance. Besides, it also gives the audience something to immerse themselves in.

2. Hotel

The need for LED rental displays continues to increase. More corporate organizations are using them for business meetings in hotels. Most of these hotels, though, tend to focus on companies that use them.

3. Weddings

Some people look forward to having a memorable wedding. Visuals and audiovisual media tools are necessary to boost the mood. Since projectors and rental TVs may not be efficient, a rental LED display is effective.

That’s because you can capture every moment on a larger screen to elevate the atmosphere. You can also choose Wedding LED Dance Floor for better effects.

4. Sports Events and Races

The audience needs to have a clearer view of all angles while watching their favorite sports. Installing a led rental display can be a perfect choice as it gives a more visible impression.

Besides, rental led displays can also function in unstable weather or environments.

Pricing of Rental Led Display

Note down some factors that determine the price of a rental led display. It includes the pixel pitch, location, screen size, brand, and brightness rating. For a 16×19′ screen size, you can spend about $5,760 to $10,080.

Often, you can pay a daily rate for rental led displays. The ideal least rate to budget for a day’s rental shouldn’t be above $3,500.

What Is Indoor Fixed LED Display?

As the name implies, an indoor fixed led display is immovable. It’s well-fixed in a spot and suitable for industrial purposes.

An indoor fixed led display can provide data in real-time. You can use it to display images, videos on the exact number of LED screens you want. What’s more, you can do so in your choice of resolution.


This LED display gives different options to share information with your target market. It doesn’t matter if you intend to present a basic or colored message.

Features of Indoor Fixed LED Display

Below are notable features of an indoor fixed led display:

1. High Definition

The indoor fixed led display features a smaller pitch yet higher image resolution. Thus, that makes it an ideal choice for projecting displays that may seem distant. High definition displays allow people to notice the screen, even from afar.

2. Versatile Screen Display

They are pretty flexible and can serve different purposes. Be it advertising, music show, or any other video!

3. Thin and Light Design

Indoor fixed led display cabinets feature aluminum make. That makes it easy to install and transfer from one point to another. The screen thinness enhances the aesthetics and feel of the indoor fixed led display.

Benefits of Indoor Fixed LED Display

Are you planning to use an indoor fixed led display soon? Here’s what you stand to gain:


1. Excellent Visibility

This display provides better visibility to your audience. Moreover, images tend to achieve sharpness, high resolution, and better pixels.

Also, indoor fixed led displays can allow your audience to view images from all angles. It provides the best vibrancy that makes it fit for many occasions. Be it festivals, concerts, conferences, or other kinds of special events!

2. High Durability

These LED displays are a product of sturdy raw materials. They come in double-layered glass screens, making them less prone to breakage.

3. Good Value of Money

The indoor fixed led displays are worth every penny you spend on them. That’s because they are durable, easy to maintain, and consume less energy. They are also super customizable. Thus, this is one way to get the best out of a LED display as a buyer.

You can use these LED displays to promote your school, supermarket, etc.

4. Seamless Connection

Producing glitch-free images or visuals is one of the best ways to thrill your audience. The more innovative the technology becomes, the more people know about it. The same rule applies to indoor fixed LED displays.

The higher the improvement, the more seamless connection users will experience.

Applications of Indoor Fixed LED Display

The indoor fixed led display is beneficial in different areas such as:

1. Restaurants

Indoor LED displays can allow your customers to look at something interesting. That’s because it makes the place appear more valuable.

2. Theatres

As you know, LED displays can enhance the audience’s viewing experience. A fixed LED display can serve this purpose very well.

3. Museums

With indoor LED displays in a museum, visitors find something else to engage in during their tour.

4. Airport

Waiting at the airport for long hours can be exhausting. Thus, fixing the indoor LED walls at positions of the departure lounge helps.

It entertains and educates people while they wait for their flight. In other cases, brands use them to promote different products and services.

Pricing of an Indoor Fixed LED Displays

The project you’re working on will determine the type of indoor led display you need. When you can identify it, the indoor LED display supplier can then give you a quote.

For example, going for a larger indoor LED display means that you need to buy more LED panels. This single factor can affect the cost price. So, knowing what you want lets you set your budget.

When Should You Consider Rental Led Display?

If you’re looking to host an event, renting and installing a Led display is the ideal thing to do.

With the right rental led display, you can entertain, sell, and generate revenue in a short time.

When Should You Consider Indoor Fixed LED Display?

An indoor fixed led display can boost the mood of a particular indoor location. It can be a restaurant, store, airport, etc. Besides, they also create a pleasant ambiance.

Technical Specifications Involved When Choosing Rental or Indoor Fixed LED Display

Rental LED Display
Indoor Fixed LED Display

You can check the following specifications when choosing the right LED display. These specifications are standard for both rental and indoor fixed LED displays.

1. Display Brightness

Brightness the most important feature when shopping for LED displays. That’s why you must be careful when choosing one.

If your LED display is too bright, the viewer’s image delivery can become washed out. If it’s too dim or dark, the viewers may not see any image, regardless of their viewing angle. Thus, it will help if you learn to create a balance.

The standard unit of measurement for LED display brightness is “nits”. For outdoor led panels, you need not less than 4,500 nits.

It will enable the led to shine even under the sunlight. Indoor led panels will need around 1,000 to 3,000 nits for perfect visual delivery.

2. IP Rating

Having the correct IP ratings on your LED display is essential. It ensures that the product is fit for the intended environment and application.

If your LED panel has an accurate IP rating, the display will perform fine. Its performance will be top-notch, despite the environmental conditions.

Thus, you must ensure that the IP rating matches the weather situations.

3. Resolution

Your screen’s resolution can affect the quality of the images or texts. When buying, always check the number of pixels each display contains.

That’s because it determines the screen resolution. You can find it written as pixel width x pixel height + p.

If the screen resolution is high, the image quality is also high. Thus, viewers can enjoy a better viewing experience.

How to Choose the Right Supplier for Rental Led Display and Indoor Fixed LED Display?

LED displays are great additions to your events, business place, or office. It can help you promote goods and services. But, finding the right supplier can be a daunting task as there are lots of factors to consider.

That said, below are a few things to look out for in a rental and indoor fixed led display supplier:

1. Check Online

You can thoroughly browse top manufacturers/suppliers of high-quality led displays. Also, try to limit your search within your local area to make it easier.

Furthermore, look out for reviews, samples, and testimonials. It helps you to know if they are worth considering or not.

2. Understanding of the Industry

A good supplier should have a basic understanding of the industry they perform in. Check how detailed their response is to some of your concerns. Find out if they support clients every step of the way – from buying to installation.

3. Cost Per Unit

In this case, you can take quotes from different suppliers and compare their prices. Note, the most expensive supplier may not be the ideal choice and vice versa.

It is best to deal with a reliable supplier with years of experience in this field. At VSTAR, you can get complete support on LED displays. The executives at Vstar can guide you throughout the buying process.

Final Thoughts!

There are many rental, and indoor fixed LED display options available. While you may find a screen that appeals to you, the specifications may not fit your needs. It means you have to keep looking.

So, we explained everything you need to understand about LED displays. Our post covered both rental led displays, and indoor fixed led displays.

You will find basic and advanced information about what to look for in displays. In short, we hope this guide assists you to make the best decision.

Yet, if you are still unsure whether to choose rental or fixed LED display, worry not. Talk with our representatives to find the best option for you.

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