Warranty Policy of LED Screens

We know that you expect quality products and we want to provide them to you. VSTAR provides free repair services if any quality problems occur within the warranty period.

If your device isn’t working in the first year, we’ll replace any parts that need to be replaced, free of charge.

We will cover the cost of one shipment within the warranty period.

After the warranty period has expired, VSTAR is not responsible for any shipping costs.

We’re here to help! When the warranty period has expired, VSTAR shall offer a reduced price for repair services.

VSTAR is not responsible for the occurrence of damages.

1. Electronic products must not be disassembled or repaired by anyone other than the person who manufactured it, an authorized agent of the manufacturer, or a qualified person.

2. Victims of misuse.

3. expiry of the warranty period.

4. imperfect sealing tape pads or incorrect seal tapes.

Generally, we will only provide warranty service in the following cases.

1. damage caused by improper use by the user.

2. damage caused by fire, flooding, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

3. any damage caused by misuse, including unauthorized disassembly, improper testing, etc.

4. Damage to the casing or damage to the components in use.

5.If a customer changes their mind within the first 12 months, we offer a one-time product exchange for the full retail price. If the customer chooses to continue using the approved product beyond that time period, at the end of two months from the contract sign date stated on the contract, the warranty will start.

6.In the case of VIP STAR installation and maintenance, customers must sign an agreement to pay all after-sales technical service costs, including visa fees, accommodation, meals, and transport. Luxury STAR is responsible for all VIP STAR installation and maintenance.

7.The customer is also responsible for determining how, when, and from where to bring the engineer.

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