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5 Ways to Understand Rental And Fixed Application Led Displays

Are you still confused about Rental led display and Fixed LED Displays?

Here would like to share 5 ways with you and wish it can bring some commercial values:

  1. Application business concepts: why we order an expensive Rental LED Display because we need to rent it out for all kinds of events. Like products truck show or road show or wedding. This is rental business, You can make profits from renting. while, Fixed LED Display, You maybe use it as a great billboard to promote products sales. just keep in mind, you can use it by yourself for your own goals. Of course, Rental LED Display can be a billboard also. But, Rental LED Display is much expensive than the Fixed LED Display. Why? I will explain it next.
  2. Installation methods: rental, if you consider rental business, you do know you won’t let the screen fixed on the wall, you should make it movable. While rental LED Display is inborn for this kind of application. You can hang and stack. If event is over. just pack and prepare for the next event; Fixed Led display: you just fixed on something stable and firm. like video wall. building big advertisements. Check photos attached for good understanding.
  3. Cabinet / Panel Structure: rental LED Display, because you need to carry it out every events. If you consider human labor much, Now you should consider its weight, rental LED display is very right , die-casting aluminum cabinet, ultra-thin and light; while fixed led display is steel structure for stable and firm needs and very heavy.
  4. Exquisite: most of fixed led display mold is public mold, while Rental LED Display is private mold, the difference between public mold and private mold is Acquisition. Private mold surface touched smoothly.
  5. Cost: why rental LED display is expensive. firstly: mold cost is higher, totally die-casting structure. Because of special installation, For a light and simple assemble and disassemble reason, you find rental LED Display is very neat in cables. even we adopt modular design. Because rental display must be very convenient for workers to assemble, or it wastes time and labors. So special design is needed. while Fixed LED Display, heavy, because you don’t need to assemble again, few manufacturers consider the modular design.

Advantages of Fixed LED Screens

  • Fixed LED screens are mostly used in Shopping malls, Offices, Seminar Halls, Retail Shops to display their product ads, offers, Business services etc.
  • Once you fixed the LED screens at one spot in a room. We need to use that LED screen only for our needs.
  • Example: If we need a seminar hall with LED screen for product promotions, but there is already a fixed LED displays with 42 inches it not sufficient for your needs. Then you need to go for LED Screen Rental with required inches.
  • For retail shops or owned shops fixed LED displays gives more benefit for product display.
  • Fixed LED screens are mostly used in Offices, Outdoor advertising at signal lights, Buildings, Hotels

Advantages of Rental LED Screen

  • You can choose the screen size based on the requirement
  • For Outdoor Product promotions you can go for LED screen rental for a certain time period
  • Instead of purchasing you can go for LED screen rentals because where you can choose different models suits for your needs. After completion, you can return to the rental company.
  • In the rental, you can get other accessories like Headphones, Speakers, DVD, VCD Players, Home Theatre Systems if you require


I think you should have a basic knowledge of rental led displays and fixed led displays.

If you need experts for your events or projects. You can contact with me.

Definitely optimal program for your guideline

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