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Years in the LED screens business.

.As a specialist LED display supplier, one of our favorite things is working with our customers and helping them to take their business to the next level and to a higher level of profitability. Whatever your needs are, we can make it happen. We have learned and improved from our work and this has made us one of the most reliable suppliers of LED displays.


LED screens projects

We have delivered thousands of LED display projects, whether outdoors in the cold and heat or indoors in enclosures, and our products have worked perfectly all over the world, gaining customer accolades and bringing the company a 100% reputation.


Countries we deliver our products.

Our LED displays have been highly rated and trusted in many countries. You can see our LED displays in various styles in shopping malls, airports, educational institutions, churches, weddings, clubs, and concerts, bringing colorful scenes to the world and enabling you to get the latest advertising and news at any time.


One of the Trustworthy LED screen manufacturer in China

We’ve been working with overseas customers for the past 13 years and we understand the importance of quality. In just a few short years, good quality LED screens will help your business grow exponentially. It is our responsibility to provide you with quality products because nothing is more important than having satisfied customers in your company.

Today, we have achieved a service network in several countries including the US, Europe, Dubai, Mexico, South Africa, and Thailand. That means you have even more luck because if you’re an end user and not sure how to use LED screens, someone nearby will help with installation, software system operation, emergency technical support and customs clearance. If you are a professional screen importer/exporter looking for distributors for your own product line, then come find us today.

Who is LedVstar.com?

Ledvstar.com was founded in 2009, and we have been in this field for more than 13 years, amazing!

A Chinese-based LED manufacturer, VSTAR offers creative solutions, reliable products, and dependable service for our industry-leading LED display technologies and solutions. Driven by excellence to satisfy your standards, VSTAR offers a one-of-a-kind design for your tour, event, or installation through our award-winning line of LED video wall and video screens.

Working with architects, designers, engineers, and consultants, VSTAR is proud to develop custom LED solutions for every and each customer while also providing top-tier customer support throughout the whole experience. For more information on the entire line of VSTAR video walls and video screens, visit VSTAR

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Manufacturing Ensurance

A Scaled & Modern LED Screen Factory

VSTAR owns an internal LED display factory in Shenzhen, China equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, up-to-date technologies and leading LED screen R&D abilities. Within this factory, we implement top production standards and stably yield top-quality LED screen products that are delivered globally.


757+ Successful Cases

20,000m² Inhouse Plant

30+ Auto Assembly Lines

200+ staff

What dose the partners say about VSTAR LED?

Installing large LED Mesh Screen

“VSTRA Has delivered the largest LED Screen with our P150mm and perfectly showed in the tallest lotte tower mall in Seoul, South Korea .”


23.10.2019 The tallest lotte tower mall in Seoul, South Korea.

“New Innovation technology Award”

“Everything goes well, the VSTAR LED company won the award “New Innovation technology Award″in China.

8.6.2017 Helding of Shanghai, China.

The highest praise

“Our LED Mesh Screen and transparent LED Screen have gotten  The highest praise from more than 13 countries ”

18.8.2016 Around the World 

Our products are certified

CE and EMC is standards for our Indoor and Outdoor LED screens.
Which are for US and EU markets.

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

Check out our product categories

We have a variety of LED Displays that can be widely used in different situations to make the world more gorgeous and wonderful.

Luxury Series –Outdoor LED Billboards

Lightweight and 50% Saving power consumption, Which are best for advertising as a fixed application.

Dragon Series – Naked-eye 3D LED Display

There are many creative naked-eye LED Screen everywhere with different wonderful video contents with 3D animation effect.

Mirror Series – Fine Pitch LED Displays

LED screens that require narrow pixel spacing in a fixed installation environment, such as television broadcast studios, automatic control studios, conference rooms, and other LED video screens with narrow pixel spacing, provide the best pixel spacing LED screen display solution.

Bird Series – Rental LED Displays

Rental LED display with intelligent monitoring (LCD display) shows the working status, smart monitoring the signal, and records the span life. It is thin, durable, and quick to install.

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