Indoor LED Display


Indoor LED Display


Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.25 / 1.56 / 1.66 / 1.92
Brightness (nits)>700
Refresh Rate(Hz):2880-3840
Application:Indoor Fixed

Key Features

  • High refresh rate, great grey scale level
  • High contrast ratio and wide color gamut
  • Ultra-high CNC precision die-cast aluminum housing
  • Fully front installable & serviceable
  • Extremely wide viewing angle 160
  • Available in wall mounting and ground stacking installations

Detailed Information For Fine Pitch LED Display

Due to the rapid development of small size LED packaging technology, within the high-end direct vision installation market, Fine Pitch LED displays are able to do seamless resolution of 2K, 4K or maybe 8K

At present, Fine Pitch LED displays occupy a crucial position within the entire display industry, and are widely considered the simplest media solution for the normal market segments like meeting rooms, control rooms, board rooms and television studios, which were once dominated by LCD displays.


In followings, I will share some knowledges with you about Fine Pitch LED Displays.

Chapter 1: What's Fine Pitch LED Display?

Currently, 3-in-1 patches are mainly used for small-pitch LED displays, but more and more leading packaging companies are investing heavily within the development of mini-LED and micro-LED, to realize lower pixel spacing.

Chapter 2: What's differences between 4K and 1080P


For reference resolutions, you ought to find out what 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K and 4K are. it's commonly utilized in DVD and lots of early plasma televisions.

1080p is additionally referred to as full HD or full HD. The resolution of this format is typically used for widescreen with a facet ratio of 16:9. 2K may be a fairly common resolution that small-spaced LED displays often got to display. albeit vertical pixels are an equivalent as 1080p and horizontal pixels are very close, they're usually defined as two different resolution formats.

4K is additionally referred to as Ultra HD (UHD). except for the movie industry , it refers to the display resolution of the 4096x2160. at the present , 4K TV occupies an outsized market share, which results in the event of fine pitch LED monitor . nobody will reject a display which will display more detailed and clearer video content.

Chapter 3: What's occasions use for pine Pixel LED Display?


Control room and surveillance room.

counting on their functional properties, displays in these locations got to display the maximum amount content as possible.

This is often why the narrow LED Display that when belonged to the LCD TV wall has occupied a bigger and bigger market share.

Board room,Conference room and meeting room

However, the emergence of fine-pitch LED Screen brings more choices and possibilities to the market.

additionally , the fine pitch LED display supports different installations, making plug and play very convenient.

With the rapid innovation of technology and therefore the continuous decline of production costs, the marketplace for LED display screens to develop within the direction of fine spacing is large .

TV Studio

TV studios are a key segment of the marketplace for small-spaced LED displays due to their high demand for television equipment and where narrow LED displays can beat other devices like LCD TV walls.

When used for broadcasting, the high refresh rate of the narrow LED display (up to 3840 Hz) ensures that it doesn't flicker ahead of the camera. it's the characteristics of high contrast (6000 16bit), high grayscale (Gray) and wide color gamut. It can reproduce realistic, clear and detailed images. Its seamless connection, excellent color uniformity and excellent visual enjoyment are unmatched by the LCD TV wall

More importantly, narrow LED displays are still widely utilized in product launches, corporate showrooms, home theaters and high-end advertising campaigns.

Chapter 4:These are benefits fine pitch LED display

The fine pitch LED display represents the foremost advanced LED display technology but does one know its main functions? What advantages can it bring back your business? this is often what we are getting to discuss now.

Advanced 4K HDR technology


HDR stands for top dynamic range, which may be a "must-have" feature of current televisions, but it also can be used for fine pitch LED displays. so as to display an equivalent video content, monitors equipped with HDR technology can display more detailed and vivid picture quality. this is often because HDR features a wider color gamut and precision and better contrast, so it can provide brighter highlights and a wider range of color details. to realize this extraordinary visual experience, fine pitch LED displays require only special controllers and receiver cards.

No jumper lead connection

Vstar HD Fine pitch LED Display adopts jumper and no cable connection, which simplifies wiring and reduces failure rate. just one cord and data cable are needed for every column. The installation speed is fast and therefore the appearance of the entire screen is neat

Comprehensive pre-installation and maintenance.

Wall mount is that the commonest installation method of fine pitch LED Displays , which makes the screen look smooth and straightforward . Vstar HD smallest LED display supports full front installation, reliable wall installation and space saving. In terms of maintenance, all modules, receiver cards and power supplies of the Vstar fine pitch LED display are often maintained from the front. When any failure occurs, maintenance are often done quickly and simply .

Optional dual backup

Compared with most other visual devices with HD LED displays have the very best stability. But are there the other practical and helpful solutions for extreme cases like signal/power failure? the solution is yes.

Stability is critical to any display product, and it's more important than any function, capability, or visual performance. There are not any perfect products in any industry, so the way to improve the steadiness of LED display and reduce the failure rate is another topic.


Vstar smallest pitch LED display supports signal and power dual backup, that is, when the receiver card and power supply fail, the backup starts to figure immediately. you cannot even see any stops or flashes on the display. this is often a really necessary option when employing a monitor on some vital occasions

Installations of Vstar fine pitch LED display

The most common installation of fine pitch LED displays is floor stacking and wall mounting. But it varies from project to project. For wall mount, the smallest pitch LED display are going to be installed. Here are the installation steps.

Pre-installed frame: Vstar details from the LED Display weight is ultra-light, the panel is smooth, only an easy border can accommodate the whole screen.

Panel frame installation:first, you would like to get rid of the module from the corner of the panel. Then the panel frame is installed on the structural frame and therefore the wiring is administered .

Module installation: after wiring, you just put the module back in situ . you'll then configure the screen and make it available at any time

Another major installation of fine pitch LED displays is ground support or floor stacking. additionally, it are often integrated with a special support frame to be used as LED TVs for home theatre or other purposes. the subsequent are the matters that ought to be paid attention to when installing as a stack on the bottom.

Flatness of the bottom and stacking shelves.

The fine pitch LED displaycan't be installed directly on the bottom. it'll sit on a frame that must be perfectly flat. Otherwise, the gap will emerge. Therefore, the installation process requires an excellent deal of attention and patience. you'll got to do tons of alignment to avoid gaps and ensure final visual performance.

Carry it carefully

Our fine pitch LED display use magnetic modules and special tools for maintenance. But care must be taken when handling modules. Any carelessness can damage LED and PCB boards. For maintenance work, the upkeep of fault LED requires higher professional equipment and skills. Any improper operation can cause more serious problems. Therefore, we recommend that the defective modules be sent back to the factory for maintenance.


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