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NationStar vs Epistar LEDs: which one is a step ahead?

Nationstar led lamp

NationStar vs Epistar LEDs: which one is a step ahead?

The rapid growth of the LED industry has given rise to the creation of energy-saving lighting systems, new equipment in medicine, and in high-speed information transmission systems.

LED lamps are rapidly gaining a leading position in the lighting market. They are in high demand among consumers, since they provide energy savings, and also significantly improve the quality of lighting, allowing the implementation of unique design solutions in the interior.

The growth in the market for high-brightness LED products presents lighting designers with a difficult dilemma when choosing the type of LEDs.

Let us try and compare the LED lamps of two big manufacturers of that market – Chinese NationStar and Taiwanese Epistar.

NationStar LED

NationStar is a big Chinese company known to produce qualitative LED-related constituents and devices. It is a leader in terms of LED products in China. It produces a great number of LEDs, LED tubes, and LED panels monthly. NationStar independently develops products, optimizes the methods of production, and owns 160 patents and registered applications for inventions.

Epistar LED

Epistar LED is a leader in the Taiwanese market of LED manufacturing. Nowadays, Epistar challenges the biggest LED manufacturers as the major provider of the LED constituents. The key approach of the Epistar LED is to ensure a good organization resulting in the high quality of LED production.

Both NationStar and Epistar have been cooperating with well-known brands that ensure the promotion of LEDs in everyday life.

NationStar is a vertically integrated full-cycle LED manufacturer: from epitaxial growth and crystal processing to packaging and output control. Epistar is engaged in the manufacture of crystals and the assembly of diodes. The manufacturing process does not include encapsulation.

So, which one is better? Consumers ask this question quite often. It should be noted right away that we can compare the products of NationStar and Epistar very conditionally. The fact is that NationStar has a production cycle that includes: growing crystals with a complex chemical structure, assembly of light-emitting diodes, and placement on a board or in a module. In turn, the Taiwanese corporation is exclusively employed in the production of LED crystals up to the stage of their encapsulation, that is, placement into the chip shell. This is the so-called zero stage of the production cycle, which includes the epitaxy of semiconductor structures and the further manufacture of chips with electrical contacts.

Both companies have a high impact on the market of businesses focusing on the LED manufacturing.

As to their products, here is the comparative table of some general LED lamp technical parameters of NationStar and EpiStar manufacturers. According to some recent researches, they are as follows:


Brand of LED lampDead lamp rate ( first 2 years)Dead lamp rate (later)

Service life

(in theory)

NationStar0,01%0,03%5-7 years
Epistar0,02%0,04%4-6 years

An LED lamp is a significant source of quality light. LED is usable in Mobile Phones, Automotive Applications, traffic lights, home lights, etc. Keeping this in mind, many manufacturers are fighting hard to hike the list of the top LED manufacturing companies.

Many highly-reputed companies are providing high-quality LED lamps, but this is a comparison guide between the Nation Star LED Lamps and Epistar LED Lamp. You will understand the difference between them and then you will get the conclusion on which brand to use.

PROSNationStar LED LampEpistar LED Lamp

o It has a fascinating quality of light.

o It has encapsulation; a programming process that makes the LED function well.

o The brightness of this LED Lamp is fascinating.

o The lamp foot is made of copper metal. Copper has lower oxidation. This helps in maintaining the brightness of the LED Lamp for a long.

o It can withstand the change in voltage that may lead to the destruction of the LED. The sensitivity effect of the Epistar LED Lamp is 800V, so it can handle the change in voltage up to this extent causing no loss.

o The price of the Epistar LED Lamp is low. It costs 199-499$ per piece.


§ The cost of LED lamps is high. The price of a NationStar LED lamp is 1380$ per square meter.

§ It emits a huge amount of heat into the environment.

§ Its quality is average.

§ Its lamp foot is made of Iron that can lose electrons easily (high Oxidation). This makes it lose its function quickly.

§ It has no warranty because it can cause a delay of light over time.

CONCLUSIONThe Epistar LED Lamps are good but the NationStar LED Lamps are great. If you want quality, then NationStar will be a good choice. To save money while compromising on the quality, it’s better to go for Epistar LED Lamp.

Taking into account all the above-said, we can conclude, that NationStar led lamps are a better option, if compared with EpiStar products, however, it is for you to choose wisely, considering your needs, your budget, and other important factors.

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