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What Are LED Displays? And The Top 11 Points to Buy Indoor LED Displays


What Are LED Displays? And The Top 11 Points to Buy Indoor LED Displays From The Suppliers

LED Displays are quite popular among modern businesses. Whether you run a small hotel or want to display your product during the trade fair, LED displays are helpful. They allow the businesses to share the information with the team, customers or anyone else with the easy-to-use facilities. Earlier, they were only available at selected places like stadiums, malls or casinos. As technology continues to expand and the LED displays now available in the budget of even the small businesses. Now, almost every industry uses these types of installations for different kinds of purposes.

Promoting products or want to draw the attention of target audiences to today’s special in the menu? The LED displays make the most effective impact with crystal-clear picture, vivid display and bright colors. The indoor LED displays allow businesses to gain new business opportunities as they are better than traditional printed materials. The LED technology allows these displays to make displays more practical, functional and effective.


If you’re a non-technical person, buying the indoor LED displays can be a tricky choice. Here, we bring to you a complete guide with some crucial pieces of information that you must keep in mind. This guide will have everything that can help you make a better decision for commercial or personal use.

What Is An Led Display?

The LED displays are the video screens that use light-emitting diodes to display the content on the screens. The display may be small or large, depending upon your specific business or even requirements. They are ideal for indoors as signboards and billboards. The prime reason behind the growing popularity of LED screens is the quality of displays, efficiency and higher light intensity. They are different and efficient than the vacuum fluorescent display, useful for consumer electronics such as car stereos. We all know LED displays and see them regularly at different places like restaurants, salons, train stations, etc. Businesses use them to share information with the customers as well as to make it easier to gain knowledge.

What’s RGB?

You need to know the RGB theory when you are inspecting led display. you will find Red color brightness higher than Green and Blue brightness. there are many RGB colors in each LED Module.

Types of LED Displays

DIP LED Displays

Also known as the “dual in-line package,” this is one of the most renowned and commonly used types of LED screens. These types of LED displays are encased in a rounded plastic cover which is colored a specific shade with metal legs. Unlike the other LED display billboard, they don’t need reflection to direct light at the right audiences as its LEDs are designed as a lens that can focus the light in a specific direction.

SMD LED Displays

With the latest technology making way to businesses, the “surface mount devices” are becoming more and more popular these days as they less energy than their DIP predecessors and they last longer than any other kinds of displays. The LEDs used in these displays give off very little heat and hence need no additional device to deal with the heat.

COB LED Displays

The chip on Board LED Displays to come with COB LEDs that directly attached to the substrate or driver board. These LED bulbs come with an additional coating of resin, which protects the LED display from dust and physical damage. The outdoor COB LED display boards are water-resistant, meaning they last longer. Thanks to resin coating, these LED displays offer better viewing angles, which can be very important for various events. They are the top choice for LED displays that you can use outdoors as they come with a long-life guarantee.

MICRO LED Displays

This is the latest LED display technology, creating ultra-fine pixels pitches that can reach sub 1mm. With the Micro LED Displays, you need not worry about image retention. They can reach brighter levels while consuming less power. This is what makes them an ideal choice for small and medium businesses that are looking for affordable display solutions.

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Indoor LED Displays!

The Size LED Screen Should You Buy

The size of your LED display makes a significant impact on the viewers’ experience. You must choose the size of indoor LED displays appropriately, as per your requirements. The selection shall be based on various aspects like the type of LEDs, space in the indoors, etc. Too big display or if the distance between the audiences and LED video display is less, pixels may feel disturbed. As a result, your eyes fail to enjoy the quality of the content displayed on the LED video display. The same goes if the LED display is too small as the image will appear pixelated. It is smart to calculate the distance from audiences to get the most useful size of the indoor LED display.

LED Screen Brightness

Just like the size of your LED displays, brightness also makes a special impact on the quality of viewing. We can measure the LED displays’ brightness using NITS or candelas per m2. As the luminosity level increase, the level of brightness also increases. Remember that the indoor LED displays with higher brightness are likely to be costlier. They also require more electricity to display the content.

If the content is simple and has minimal graphics, you can consider buying an LED screen with lower resolutions. If you are planning to use content with logo, text, and photos, using higher resolution LED displays are always the right choice. It is important to choose smartly with the right brightness for your needs.

LED Display Resolution

When buying the LED video display, it is important to keep its resolutions in mind. For LED displays, it is instead the “pixel pitch”, which is the distance between centers of neighboring pixels, SMD diodes. As the screen resolution increases, its pixel pitch reduces. This means if the resolution is high, the viewing experience from a short distance is even comfortable. It is a very important characteristic because it can have a strong impact on the cost of your display.

Content You Want to Display

The experts claim that it is very important to determine the content you want to display on LED displays. Whether you are planning to launch a marketing campaign for your products & services by displaying static images, or want to display the weather highlights inside your workplace, LED displays that support multiple formats will help you be more creative. If you are specific about the content that you want to display, you can also go with cheaper options. Cheaper options also come with limitations regarding the content display ability.


In digital signage or display industry, It’s really most important to choose high-level grayscales like 16bits and 18 bits. because we can watch unique and vivid photos or videos.

Viewing Distance

When buying LED displays, it is important to keep in mind the distance between the LED display and the audiences. When planning to install an LED display in huge halls, make sure the size of your LED display is big. Experts suggest that you use a bigger size for the full-color sign with image and video support. This way you can make a better impact on the viewers. Similarly, if the audience will see the LED display from a relatively close distance, you can go with a smaller version with a higher resolution to save your money.

The Weight of LED Display

Although it may sound a bit odd to many who may be reading this blog post, it is true that a high-quality LED display is likely to weigh more than a low-quality one. The prime reason here is that the good quality LED displays to have a good amount of aluminum for heat dispassion, making it heavier. You can also select the LED displays as per the limitations allowed with your event or space. If you have a huge space with flexibility, you can choose to buy an indoor LED display with high quality and heavyweight. Similarly, a light-weight LED display can be a smart choice for shorter spaces.

LED Mounting Solutions

The best thing about LED displays is that you can also use them in a wide range of ways. You can either mount it on the wall or use a stand to keep on the floor. Many companies also design LEDs to accommodate LED cabinets. You can choose the mounting as per the space available and your individual requirements. For example, if you are planning to install the LED display in a trade fair, you will want everyone on the space to have a glance at your content. On the other hand for smaller spaces, using floor stands can be used for LED displays.

Protection Against Weather

When water seeps through the LED panels, it can damage the display and can also deteriorate the quality of the display. Although we are talking about indoor LED displays here, your Led display can also get damaged due to moisture. This makes it important to buy an LED video display with weather-resistant quality. Many companies use a closed-loop air circulation system to isolate the display enclosure. This helps protect the LED display from moisture and contaminant infiltration. The indoor LED displays don’t essentially need weather protection. However, it is smart to be proactive regarding the health of your LED display. The reason here is that the moisture has access to the indoors as well. During winters or the rainy season, moisture is likely to reach the indoors and damage your LED display.

Purpose Of The LED Display

Before buying an LED display, you must have a clear idea in mind regarding the purpose of the display. Whether it is to display today’s special dish on the menu or to display information to your customers, its purpose shall be clear before you make the purchase. The purpose will also make an effect on its size, brightness, and pixels. All this ultimately makes an impact on the price of your LED display. Consider the purpose of buying an LED display before making a choice. This also allows you to be specific about the configuration you want in your LED displays.


At last, we’d like to mention the most important thing to remember while buying indoor LED displays – Maintenance. Some companies offer maintenance, while some do not have any plan available for the maintenance of the LED display. The LED displays with no maintenance plan may be an affordable choice. It is important to make sure that you can save on its maintenance in case the LED display goes malfunctions. You can decide as per the usage of your LED display. For example, for short term usage, you can go with LED displays without maintenance. However, it is smart to go with the maintenance plan as the technical problems may occur anytime without any prior intimation. The additional maintenance plan will help keep your screen working for years to come


LED displays are efficient and affordable solutions to display videos, images or texts for higher impact on target audiences. With LED displays, the picture is clear, installation is easy and the life is longer than expected. The hardware is also more affordable than ever. This makes it a good choice to buy LED displays for different kinds of commercial purposes. With years of innovation, LED displays to stand to be the most efficient and affordable signage solutions on the market.

There are many considerations that one must keep in mind when buying an indoor LED display. These considerations allow business owners to showcase (display) the content to make the best impact to meet your business needs!

It is also important to explore the different service providers and models, before making the final decisions. The testimonials from past customers can also help make a smarter decision.

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