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A decade back Transparent led display was considered as the product of Sci-Fi movies and not a part of the real world but the great advancement in the world of technology has made this sci-fi dream a technology that is very commonly used these days.

You can see this transparent display in building, in shopping malls. That first gives you the perception of the mirror but suddenly changes into very captivating imagery. These transparent led displays are so captivating that they can increase your customer to a very extent. These displays use cutting edge technology that helps in improving the digital view more clearly yet quite easy.

If we say that these displays are the future of the coming world then it won’t be a lie. It has different styles and different types these different types are used differently in different scenarios. The transparent display that is used in the Entertainment industry looks cool and appealing and looks easy to use but in actuality, it is not that easy to work. Its understanding is quite tough. Its mystery effect alone can mesmerize a lot of people and it beautifies the technology to its maximum level. But when the customer buys it he eventually learns how to use it.

It gives you the opportunity to think creatively; you can use this display for a different purpose. You can use this display for the endorsement of your brand, to give out an important message. You can be imaginative on this display and can run the horse of your thoughts wide.

So for the cherry on top, this technology does not only work with heavy techno or manual way but also works with the intriguing touch technology as well. What can be cooler than this? That you can not only wow your audience with the cool display tricks but also with the cool touch technology. It takes the engagement of your audience to a whole new exciting level.

Vstar technologies are perfect for this match. They provide you the best products and assistance that you can’t get in a reasonable amount in the country. There are many types of Transparent LED technology in the market. The following are some important yet the most famous technologies that are used and loved by people.

Types of Transparent LED Display Screens

(T-OLED) Transparent OLED

Now, this is what you can call a wonder marker as well. It is a breakthrough in the industry of LCDs. This technology is so unique that it makes the audience not only get amazed but force them to think that how it actually works. It displays the image on its window led display but at the same time, it also allows you to look beyond it. Yess. You can look at the screen and through it at the same time. You can watch videos and trailers and games on the screen while looking at what is going inside or outside the screen.

Along with that, it does not require any backline or other enclosures to run the content. It helps in emitting their own diodes. It has a very subtle yet really unique design that has a transparent back design unlike other transparent LCDs .and because of this you got the ultimate option of running hundreds and thousands of videos without any inconvenience. It is commonly used in the digital booth, gaming stores, the physical usage of this screen is somehow limited but the sky is the limit you can use your imagination t

Clear view Holographic Effect Display

This projection gives you the impact of a clear holographic view that will stun your audience in no time. This is a highly transparent product that is why it is also named as a clear view display but it works wonders. It has got the features that are considered best in the market. This projection display is so famous because of the features that you can see it even in the Oscar award ceremony and every other entertainment shows. Technology gives you sharp, vivid and clear. Apart from that, it can also give you a sharp and bright image in the brightest of days because of its brightening technology that manages the natural light and converts it to the image brightness so you can get the image clear and power bang.

It is best for the people who are in search of something special and to make this search and accessibility more special Vstar gives you the opportunity to get the best among bests. Those best screens can be used as glass wall partitions, for visitor attraction purposes, in exhibitions. The museum, live concerts, window led display, and theatres as well. Apart from that, you can also use these as an innovative purpose as well and Vstar is always there to assist you to build up your success story.


Switchable Transparent Display

Stun your customers with Vstar’s amazing technology. Vstar’s glass technology is considered as the best seller technology in the market. The best thing about Vstar’s service is that they provide quality, practicality, and privacy. One of the newest yet most phenomenal technologies introduced in the market is switchable transparent technology. This technology offers you the best handling technique. You can operate it instantly just by using on and off button and can make opaque screen transparent and transparent screen transparent in nick of a time.  These types of wall display mostly used in formal settings like in offices they can be used as partitions in office or can be used in meeting rooms, in-hospital care for privacy purposes and in entertainment events. This switchable transparent technology is also used to improve residential settings. This switchable display can also provide you the touch function that you can use to impress people. These displays are best as they can work even in the frosted state.

We provide a high definition display that can easily show the message that you want to convey. We can increase your audience and customers for sure then this should be the first choice you should make. So if you are interested in buying this Vstar is there to not only provide you the best deals but can also provide assistance to install and uninstall the display. Contact VStar through live chat or email at Info@vissled.com

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