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How to Make 3d LED Display at an Affordable Price

In the 21st century, the rivalry of technology has born many attractive and great gadgets. Human beings love creativity, and they are widely attracted by these gadgets. The love for technology and our curiosity to create new things have made us find ways to try it ourselves.
One of those advanced gadgets is a 3d LED Display. The 3d LED Display revolutionized the entire LED display technology because it is fun watching anything with this fascinating display.
But the price of it is a problem. It shocks us when we know about the cost. Few think about the product and ask themselves, is it worth paying this sum for it?
If you think it isn’t worth paying that much, then here is a guide for making your 3D LED Display at an affordable price.


1. Motherboard:

This is the main component of the 3D LED Display. You can get one easily at the market. There are different types of Motherboard, but you need to buy one with integrated or in-built universal software to run the display screen. This won’t cost you a lot.

An LED motherboard comes with additional remote control. We will connect this with the motherboard later at the assembling section.

2. Inverter Board:

This board will be used to increase the Voltage and transfer it to the backlight.

3. Power Supply:

You may get an internal or an external power supply. But an External power supply or adapter of 12 V and 2 A is ideal.

4. TV Panel or LED Screen:

The main requirement for the 3D LED Display is the LED Screen; it is the primary output device. Its cost depends on the size of the screen.


It’s time to make a circuit. Connect all the devices together. Keep in mind to balance the voltage using the 3 Pin Switch in the motherboard. Every Link has to be appropriately connected to make a functional 3D LED Screen. After the assembly, your display is ready. You can operate it. Enjoy!

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