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All the Things you Need to Know Before Buying LED Signs


Buying an LED is not an easy task. LED Signs is not a cheap product so you should be careful before spending your money on it. To ease your questions we write this article that gives complete information about LED signs also that we help you to get the best LEDs from trusted suppliers.

So let’s talk about the commonly asked questions about LEDs and why you choose Vstar’s for your LEDs Supplier Company. To ease your questions following is the information that helps you to get the entire major question coming into your mind.

All LED screens are Equal?

This is the main question that comes to your mind before buying a LED Screen that is all LEDs are equal. Then your answer is NO, Not every LED Screen is equal in size and there are different types of LEDs Displays present in the market that is used for different purposes. Mostly these types of LEDs are commonly used.

So before buying LEDs, you should know what kind of LED is your requirement and which size you required so that you can save your effort and money as well, because buying a LED before doing good homework will only make you distressed and your wallet unhappy.

We can help you in Choosing the Best LED Screen according to your requirements and gives all the information for Free of Cost.

Before diving into the complex LED types you first should know about basic LED signs.

What hurdles can you face in buying LED signs?

The main hurdle you can face before buying an LED sign is that it is really hard to find LED professional suppliers that can guide you about what exactly you want. You can find many hard-working people that do work honestly but understanding LEDs issues and its programs is not an easy job and it does require expertise so finding the kind of right person is a tough job. It requires consideration and planning, Which means Professional guidelines, and that is what VStar Team is providing.

Their team is an expert in dealing with LED programs and sizes so that you can avoid further future issues.

What is an LED?

LED Basically stands for Light Emitting Diode. To make it more easily you should know that LEDs have small bulbs, but it is quite different from other light bulbs. They are different from other light bulbs in the following ways that are that they are more efficient in working, they don’t have filament in it and they also have a longer life span than other light bulbs.

These bulbs give more light that’s why its visual quality is a lot better than normal LCDs. Also, LEDs are cost-efficient, reliable and long-lasting, these are the properties that are making it more popular among other sources.

Understanding of the basics of LED signs

Following are the basics of LED to understand the phenomenon better LED has consisted of three main elements that are

  • Pixel:

Pixels are basically a group of individual LEDs. The number of LEDs varies in every pixel.

  • Pitch:

Pitch is the one that determines the number of pixels in any LED signs. It is basically the distance of one pixel to other pixels. It determines the crisp of the image.

The selection of the right pitch will not only give you the best resolution but will also save your money by giving an appropriate resolution according to your appliance. But it also depends on the size of the LED signs too. If you have smaller LED signs then having tighter pixel means, tighter pitch and amazing resolution so it means that size does matter a lot when selecting the pitch.

  • Matrix:

Matrix is the number of pixels high and pixel wide of the LED signs. It is the main feature that determines the size of the Outdoor LED billboards.

outdoor led screen from vstar

Why you have to Choose VSTAR:

This world is a tech world and in this world, people do not settle less than the best. To meet this criterion of the customer the China-based Company VSTAR provides you the products that are not less than the best. VSTAR not only ensures the credibility of the products but also provides you with the quality that will make you get obsessed with them.

Vstar is a company that deals with all LEDs and equipment, even if it is outdoor LED Signs, indoor led video screens, Outdoor LED billboards or Led video wall designs.  We serve on the base of true quality that had made this company a leading company in the world of LED tech.

LED signs have become the most important part of today’s life. It not only provides you it a service but is also used for spreading out important messages in a very unique and attractive way in the form of Billboards.

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