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7 key points to learn Commercial LED Displays


As far, there are many of us misunderstanding commercial led display. Here would really like to share more information with you. Commercial LED display may be a quite LED screen, usually wont to play the company’s new product advertisements or brand promotional videos or promotional videos.
It has the benefits of high brightness, wide viewing angle and high refresh, and it also can customize unique projects consistent with specific projects.
It is mainly assembled from small modules, has excellent water resistance and warmth resistance, and has the extraordinary performance. There are many occasions are often applied just like the mall , media facade, outsides, etc.

What are the kinds of Commerical LED displays?

The most common and popular outdoor fixed LED display. it’s utilized in large shopping centers, banks, hotels, outdoor commercial places, etc.

If you would like outdoor advertising LED billboards to spread your brand, VSTAR outdoor LED Display is that the right choice for you, indoor display LED screen is one among the technology, it’s a strong real-time dynamic data display device, designed for indoor use.

It is designed to be an ultra-lightweight LED display. It relieves the pressure on the walls of the building. If you would like ultra-light advertising LED billboards, VSTAR Outdoor LED Billboard is that the right choice.

The floor-mounted LED screen is an LED floor designed for interactive and non-interactive functions. When someone or something is thereon , its maximum load capacity is 2 tons. Therefore, our led video floor is that the right choice for you to draw in more people and have more interesting.

It is designed to be an ultra-lightweight LED display. It relieves the pressure on the walls of the building. If you need ultra-light advertising LED billboards,  VSTAR Outdoor LED Billboard is the right choice.

The floor-mounted LED screen is an LED dance floor designed for interactive and non-interactive functions. When someone or something is on it, its maximum load capacity is 2 tons. Therefore, our led video floor is the right choice for you to attract more people and have more interesting.

(1) What ‘s the Commercial LED Display Can Bring Us benefits?

In shopping malls, a spread of brand name logos and advertising lines attract you, and only the foremost powerful promotional methods can attract your attention. Similarly, within the face of fierce visual conflicts and rich LED advertising screens, you’re usually not curious about the advertising flyers sent by the shopping guide.

Essentially, whenever the content of the advertisement is updated, materials like advertising leaflets must be reprinted, then a selected person must be arranged. Employees distribute flyers and even distribute new newspapers and banners. At an equivalent time, it’s impossible to make sure that the flyer reaches each user.

This process wastes tons of your time and is inefficient. On the pc side, you’ll change the content with only one click, and you’ll spread the advertising content within one Second. The larger amount of your time saved within the middle will undoubtedly win you more users. However, commercial advertising screens have achieved a leap from static to dynamic advertising content.

First, a bit like funny cats stick with cats, it’s easy for people to follow dynamic objects. Second, dynamic The video brings more sensory stimulation to people, conveys more and more rich information, and may stimulate people’s resonance and desire to shop for . We must carefully consider the content of every location, including the choice of various content and its size.

The reasons are obvious: first, the scope of flyers and maritime news reports is limited; second, more information means fonts and graphics must be smaller. Once this is often the case, it’s very difficult to make sure clarity, and it’s difficult for users to ascertain clearly. It naturally presents more content within the unit of “flat rice”.

A large number of lamp beads and brightness also ensure its resolution and clarity. Commercial LED screens even have the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness, wide viewing angle and seamless stitching.

(2) How to make a good profit from commercial LED display?

Generally speaking, advertisers will buy commercial advertising LED screens and have permanent use rights for LED screens. They installed LED screens in busy areas with dense crowds. These areas have higher exposure rate and good promotion effect. After that, you can accept advertising commissions and collect commissions.

Regarding the price problem that everyone cares about, we have compiled a set of data: First, the cost of buying LED advertising screens.

According to various data, the estimated price of the purchased screen is as follows: $ 5,000 4x2m $ 16,500 6x4m $ 19,560 6x5m $ 30,900 8x6m Second, how much Buying advertising positions usually costs about $ 15,000 per month.You can receive 15-30 advertisements per month at the same time, or even more. This means that you can fill in the cost and get long-term profits in just one or two months.

(3) What is the use of commercial LED screens?

The main purpose is to replace and surpass traditional advertising methods, and make a qualitative leap in publicity. Outdoor advertisements, such as some large buildings, pillar-type billboards, real estate advertisements and exquisite publicity displays.

LED advertising screen effect is better imagine that the traditional publicity method is difficult to achieve good results, because: limited people can not distribute flyers, which requires time and effort.

Not to mention, flyers often fall into the trash, they don’t work at all. The dim colors of banners and posters not only cannot attract the urban areas where neon lights gather, but can only be used once, wasting and wasting.

LED advertising screen is more suitable for people’s living habits. With the increasing development of urban transportation, buses, taxis, subways, high-speed rails and airplanes are becoming the norm. People are in a hurry, they are hardly willing to pay attention to flyers and news. Almost all kinds of LED screens are used in stations and railways.

It has infiltrated the blood of the city and penetrated into people’s lives. The influence range of LED commercial screen is wider. Large outdoor advertisements can be seen from a hundred meters away, but traditional advertising materials cannot break through space restrictions.

It’s like when you look at the distance; it is usually easier for people to see towering buildings, not small bungalows hidden in the city. This also confirms that more people can see the advertisement on this LED screen, so that the advertisement can cover a larger range of people in a larger area.  LED screens for commercial advertising in urban public facilities are also widely installed on city squares and main roads.

Government departments can use it to promote public service advertisements, broadcast movies, broadcast major news, and deliver important news. The first aspect enriches people’s entertainment and life, and improves the quality of life in the city. Another aspect that can help build city safety and increase people ’s attention to important current events.

Just like the new coronavirus that is popular all over the world, governments in many regions have also promoted the development of news and broadcast facilities in various parts Information about protective measures and newly diagnosed. This has played an important role in the prevention and control of epidemics.

Is the demand for commercial LED displays worth filling and investing?

For enterprises, when considering whether to purchase large fixed assets, it is necessary to consider whether it is worth investing. There are three main issues involved: first, is it cost-effective in the long run? Can this strategy adapt to the market structure?

Reduce the marginal cost: low cost and considerable profit are used for a long time, the longer the use time, the higher the cost-effectiveness. The LED screen can be used for a long time after it is purchased as a fixed asset. At first, it will take a while to make profits exceed the cost of buying the screen, and then convert them into profits. The longer the time, the more accumulated profits, and the purchase cost of the LED screen is not worth mentioning.

Finally, in addition to the fixed electricity fee, you no longer need to pay for the screen monthly fee and venue rent. This is equivalent to the initial purchase cost allocated to each business cooperation. The longer it is used, the lower the cost of each screen. Huge investment and output: spend less money and do more things on one screen to achieve multiple uses to meet diverse needs.

For example, large shopping malls often carry out promotional activities and even use the stage form. Due to its diverse use methods and rich functions, commercial advertising LED screens greatly reduce the user’s search costs, thereby simplifying the work.

Good communication effect, so it’s tough to urge traffic. As mentioned within the previous article, commercial LED screens can change content, display more content, attract more attention, and have excellent communication effects.it’s very cost-effective to take a position in fixed costs in exchange for considerable income.

Excellent communication strategy this is often a standard seeking strategy that occupies an area in market competition. The implication is: having a competitive market without competitors can fill the gaps within the market, thereby increasing competitiveness and being selected by customers.

When competitors have an equivalent advantages as their competitors, they have to sharpen their strengths and strengths, far exceeding their competitors. Commercial advertising screens are already ubiquitous, so if you would like to urge better communication and gain more users with a good range of uses, it’s worth buying.

Consumer Unstoppable Killer consistent with research, the three main factors that affect consumers are: transmission strength, frequency and substitutability. As long as you select the advertising space and advertising time, it’s difficult to ignore any large LED screen.

(4) What are the appliance scenarios of economic LED screens?

They conform to the trajectory of people’s travel and should be used for advertising at any time. as an example , when people walk along the road, they go to ascertain advertisements The screen outside the building. If they choose the subway, they go to ascertain the advertising screen at the terminal. Then, we’ll reach the target site by traffic vehicles.

This also shows that the appliance scenarios of economic LED screens are also very extensive. the next pages introduce his application from three different situations.

Outdoors are places where commercial LED advertising screens appear at a high frequency. Undoubtedly, the subway, high-speed rail, scooter and airport are the places where people travel most frequently .during this case, people are often eager to take action, so most advertising is for brand promotion and deepening purposes.

consistent with news reports, Beijing Gyeonggi Capital Airport’s passenger throughput in 2018 exceeded 100 million. Although this does not represent the earth average, it’s still possible to know the traffic volume of the station. If an advertising screen is arranged at the airport, many many exposures are getting to be achieved within a year, and its coverage are getting to be beyond imagination. Its advertising costs are naturally above normal, which can bring huge benefits to screen owners.

Its specific application will involve the within of stations along the railway line. the first one is within the bus depot airport. Advertising LED screens installed on the walls of stations (airports) are the foremost common and should be used to display advertisements and itinerary information.

At some stations (airports), there are also cylindrical or hanging LED advertising light towers.If conditions permit, they’re going to also rotate and lift, very eye-catching. Advertisements for cars, skin care products, light luxury brands and hotel chains are the foremost common. this type of advertising screen are often raised from the highest , the transmission effect is extremely good.

More importantly, after entering the station, passengers usually actively search for itinerary information, and almost certainly will see the advertising screen. Therefore, the advertising coverage during this case is way above in other cases.

Outdoor Places: Large shopping centers, outdoor buildings, and park outdoor places cover people’s work and rest time. To work, you’d wish to enter an obsessive office space, like an office building . additionally, some office buildings, industrial parks and technology parks are getting to be equipped with unique LED screens to means corporate and brand styles. Squares and parks are places where people often participate once they relax. the overall public facilities and entertainment during this scene are fully equipped.

Commercial LED displays are mainly manufactured separately here, the foremost common are columns and towers. during this case, government public welfare, basic notices, commercials, advertisements and entertainment movies are more common.

Entertainment venues: shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, theaters, exhibition halls. Entertainment and life are essential to people and life. folks that participate in entertainment venues usually have more entertainment and willingness to urge goods. The entertainment venue is usually things of the merchandise as shown by the advertisement.

Therefore, advertising in entertainment venues is particularly important, and may be a crucial a part of customers from watching advertisements to consumption. Large shopping malls have the foremost important number and thus the foremost frequent advertisements, which are divided into indoor and outdoor parts.

In terms of content, they often directly display newly launched products also as well-known brands and advertisements. In terms of location, it’s always not on the brink of the same kind of store, so it’s difficult for consumers to hunt out and buy. a bit like the advertising screen outside the building, it’s extremely easy to attract consumers to enter the mall.

Generally speaking, these three kinds of scenes will involve the price of the show, the introduction of the starring crowd (the exhibition is that the most creative team). Therefore, this screen is usually used to display fares, popularity charts, team demonstrations, and interview videos.

Second, theaters and cinemas are mainly supported drama. Therefore, commercial advertising screens are mainly used to display trailers and performance videos of mainly pushed works, and also to display advertising information. Finally, the exhibition will cover many areas, like art, technology and business. To playing advertisements related to the theme of the exhibition, it can also be used as an LED background or for promotional information.

If needed, it can also be used for live broadcasting. hostel. Hotel advertising screens are usually installed within the lobby, large meeting rooms and entertainment rooms.

Most hotels use advertising screens to display advertisements, entertainment videos, etc. It’s Well-known hotels also will use it to broadcast hotel history and hotel brand videos.

The functional areas of some high-end hotels are more abundant and comprehensive, and there may even be Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, Japanese restaurants, banquet halls and KTV entertainment venues. Since consumers involved during this field have more powerful consumption capabilities, advertising LED screens are usually installed during this case.

Especiall , banquet halls where weddings and company annual meetings are often held and KTV entertainment rooms with strong singing and dancing attributes. Why use commercial LED display?

Obviously, within the above scenarios, the commercial LED display features a robust adaptability, an honest range of applications and rich performance effects. the rationale why we must use commercial advertising screens is because it better reflects the characteristics of fashion, cutting-edge and high-end. We cannot imagine that shopping malls aren’t decorated with LED advertising screens and only use flyers.

We cannot even imagine that in some high-end venues, there’s not even a coloured screen which can illuminate the whole night, a touch just like the last century. Commercial LED screens are essential to showcase your outstanding creativity and exquisite brand.

(5) Commercial LED Screens: Legendary history.

The Nasdaq full-color LED screen mentioned within the previous article falls into this category.

Where will the LED display enter the future?

People are clearly dissatisfied with the prevailing display effects of LED displays. within the market competition and innovation wave, the mixing of LED monitor with AR, VR, 3D technology and sensor technology has become the overall trend. the foremost typical situation is that the emergence of “interactive floor tiles”.

The manufacturer combined the relevant LED display and sensing technology to make this new product, giving everyone a replacement feeling. it’s foreseeable that after the arrival of 5G: remote, intercontinental high-definition real-time broadcasting; interactive limbs and expressions which will be interacted within the following ways; through sensing and recognition technology, big data may promote smart advertisements suitable for consumers to observe become a reality. the longer term of economic and advertising LED screens is feasible.

(6) what’s the difference between LCD and LED?

within the history of marketization of LED screens, I even have encountered many competing products. However, one of them is typically confused with LED screens because of naming and similar effects. Regarding LED display screens, people are asking: what is the difference between them? The lower surface is illustrated in several dimensions.

the complete name of the LCD screen could also be a liquid display. it’s one light , which is refracted layer by layer to form an image .the complete name of the LED screen is light emitting diodes. After being energized, electricity is directly converted into light energy. Each pixel consists of three colored beads of red, green, and blue.Which color is brighter and which LED lights increase the brightness. Therefore, it are often interpreted as an “addition”.

LED brightness has more advantages: the response speed of each element of the LED display is 1000 times that of the LCD, therefore the brightness range is wider.the sunshine of the LCD display is filtered through the layer. The brightness isn’t nearly as good because the previous . LED viewing angle is wider: LED screen can provide a viewing angle of 160 degrees, and should be viewed in various positions. The LCD screen is difficult to the touch . LEDs are brighter and brighter: LED display screens can emit light by themselves, each pixel is three-color light, and thus the display effect is fuller.

The LCD display features a backlight layer, the sunshine goes to be refracted, therefore the color isn’t as bright because the LED screen often seamlessly spliced, more beautiful. The LCD screen has been spliced, but there are gaps. There are black lines visually, which may affect the viewing effect.

Lower power consumption

Light-emitting diodes have lower power consumption and more power save: each pixel of the LED screen works independently and requires a specific color to light the LED; additionally , it uses a low-voltage scan driver and consumes less power; using high-voltage diodes can save energy, Protecting the environment and provide high brightness.

they can activate the entire backlight layer. And it also uses cold cathode lamps, which consume more power.

Longer LED life: LED displays can usually support about 100,000 hours, and should be used for several years under normal conditions.

The LED screen has better water resistance and durability: The LED screen features an extended service life, and after the module is assembled, the surface goes to be coated with anti-spray paint and other materials, which can effectively waterproof. because of the structure and repair lifetime of LCD screens, LCD screens have poor water resistance and are not as durable as LEDs.

(7) Why buy an LED screen instead of an LCD screen.

LED screens are more suitable for commercial advertising screens. The LED screen has higher brightness, larger viewing angle and optional large pitch. It can still be clearly seen under strong light and long-distance.

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