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Why 73% customers purchase 4K LED Display in 2020

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Today the world we live in is the technology world. Everything in this world consists of some technology. From simple to complex every daily living is based on any tech. That is making not only our life easy but interesting as well.

As everything got influence from the technology advancement our favorite gadget Television. It is also influenced by technology. It has moved toward advancement. You can not only watch videos in full resolution but can also save the shows that you like on the storage box and stream it later so that you do not miss anything that you like. So with this advancement, you can easily enjoy and stay updated with the worldly information.

When talking about technology 4K LED display is for sure a hot topic. It gives you to view and resolution that no other screen gives. It is considered as one of the best resolutions. The following are the more elaborative information about the 4K display.

4K display is basically the best resolution display possible in this world. It is also known as Ultra HD resolution that means the picture quality you get is about 3,840 x 2,160 pixels that are a lot more than the HD display. It allows you to have a picture quality that is so clear and well defined that you think that everything that is happening in the tv is actually happening in front of you. 4K display resolution is not about the sharpness of the picture but it deals with the clarity and detail of the video.

And when you talk about the best in the market for 4K LED Display Vstar is the one that you can trust without any issue.

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What is the difference between 4K and Ultra HD?

There is no such difference in 4K and ultra HD. Both the names are used interchangeably .but 4 K is most commonly used in the market instead of UHD or Ultra HD. There is a little bit resolution difference among both. 4k refers to the resolution of 4096 x 2160 but UHD provides a resolution of 3840 x 2160 that is provided by mostly house TVs.

But for the customers both 4K and Ultra HD are the same and even in the market most of the time they are used alternatively.

You can watch 4k videos online on many online valid websites. Netflix and Amazon provide you online 4K streaming but requires payment. But with Vstar 4K LED display you should not be worried about missing out any show because of bad streaming.

Not every TV support 4k streaming.

Not all TV support 4K streaming. In the start, Netflix was not able to handle 4K streaming so they adopted HEVC format to stream 4K videos. That is why VSTAR Led provides you the gadgets that support 4K streaming.

Internet speed needs to stream 4K TV

Because 4K is the newest technology in the market so it also requires a sufficient speed to get its work and streaming done. Sites like Amazon and Netflix require the speed of 15-20Mbps to stream 4k videos and stuff. The more the speed of the internet the more you will get the benefit of 4K streaming but if due to any reason the speed of the internet slows down as below the 15mbps the picture quality will drop from 4K to HD in no times. And as internet speed goes up your picture resolution gets better and bumps up from HD to UHD.

So to run online streaming you need at least more than 15Mbps.

What is UHD Blu-ray?

UHD Blu Ray is a new technology that is basically used to store the video information of the 4k display. This UHD Blu ray has more storage space and capacity than other Blu-rays discs. It is a new format in the market. This format allows you to save the storage and helps you to watch the video without any compression or streaming. In Market UHD blue Ray is considered the best format that can help you to play 4K without any inconvenience.

Because of technological advancement, there are different UHD Blu-ray formats are present. Along with other companies, Microsoft also provides an Xbox one version that not only helps you to play games but also helps you to watch 4K TV.

Vstar 4K LED display makes sure that it provides you the best resolution and the services that cost you less of an effort. It has many built-in programs that specifically designed to minimize the chance of external effort and different alongside devices.

What connections are required for 4k LED Display?

Well, you surely need an HDMI Socket to run your 4k device. But you can most of the time experience some issues in following this. Not all HDMI sockets are equal so they can cause issues this is why VSTAR LED makes sure that you don’t get these issues. They provide you not only the product but also give you the service that will surely make your all installation issues go away. The staff at VSTAR LED will help you fix the 4K display.

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