Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Display

VSTAR transparent LED display is an innovative technology allowing you to turn your window into a digital billboard, which is suitable for advertising all products and services. The integrated LED lamps are almost invisible from the outside of the building, thus making no difference to its appearance.the Glass window displays of digital signage provides 80% transparency which enables you to still be able to look through the glass window.

Glass Window Displays

The window displays convey an individual spirit and identity and should be eye-catching.

Transparent LED Displays should be simple and easy to understand. They should contain a few featured items rather than a sample of the store’s entire stock.

The back of display windows should be kept open to allow the store’s interior to be visible to passing pedestrians.

Consider utilizing art in glass window displays that tie into the image of the store.



  • 80% transparency, backside visible.
  • Light-weight, individually removable and replaceable.
  • Quick & easy installation. Fast lock installation design, can fixed and remove screen quickly and easily.
  • Nice appearance. All power supplies and receiving cards are build into the panel, and cables can easily be connected.
  • Suitable for the shopping mall, hotels, 4S store, and other occasions.
  • Retail Glass Window Displays is an effective key to interact with the customers.


ITEM G4 G5 G8 G10
Pixel Pitch 3.91×7.8 5.2×10.4 7.8×7.8 10.4×10.46
Pixel Density 32,768 16,384 9,216 4,096
Pixel Composition 3 IN 1 SMD 3 IN 1 SMD 3 IN 1 SMD 3 IN 1 SMD
Cabinet Size 500mmx500mm/1000Wx500H 500mmx500mm/1000Wx500H 500mmx500mm/1000Wx500H 500mmx500mm/1000Wx500H
Module Size 500×120 500×120 500×120 500×120
Cabinet Weight 6.4/14 6.4/14 6.4/14 6.4/14
Cabinet Resolution 256×64 192×48 128×64 96×48
Transparency rate >70% >70% >70% >80%
Driving Type 1/16 1/10 1/8 1/8
Max Power Consumption 400W/㎡
Ave. Power consumption 160W/㎡
Module Maintenance Back access
Ingress Protection IP22, not waterproof
Brightness 3000~5000
Refresh rate 1920/3840
Digital Processing 14
Gray Scale 16384
Colors 687
Color Temperature 5,500-9,300 Adjustable
Brightness Control 255
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Viewing Angle H 140
Viewing Angle V 140
AC Speration AC90~264
Storage Tem. 14 ~ 114F/-10C ~ +45C
Storage Humidity 10% ~ 80%
Operating Tem. 14F ~ 114F/-10C ~ +45C
Operating Humidity 10% ~ 85%
Lift time(50% brightness) 100,000
Installation Type Fixed
Control Mode Video Sync



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