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Product Features

VSTAR flexible LED Screen with features of high transparency, flexibility, light-weight;Which is easy to form a flat screen or curved to match with irregularly shaped building facade, suitable for various installation, such as bend, fold, winding, swing, etc. Transparent led curtain with high artistry and creativity that easy to assemble into various shapes, widely used for building the facade, shopping mall, wedding decoration, and rental events.

High transparency maximizes the natural light get inside of the building, flexible LED Screen also ensuring the screen has great ventilation and wind-resistance function.

Transparent led curtain is a type of transparent curtain display is easy to form a flat screen or curved to match with irregular shaped building facade, both pixel pitch, panel size and panel color can be customized.

soft led sceren projectsoft led sceren project
soft nmesh screensoft nmesh screen
flexible soft screenflexible soft screen
indoor led meshindoor led mesh
outdoor led curtain screenoutdoor led curtain screen
flexible displayflexible display


  • The Pixel pitch can be customized, such as 30mm;50mm;56.25mm;75mm;100mm
  • One LEDs; four LEDs; Six LEDs; Eight LEDs in one pixel. It depends on your requirements.
  • 80% transparency rate, easy for install and discount.
  • Light-weight, individually removable and replaceable.
  • Extremely suitable for the nightclub, building facade media, and large-scaled entertainment venues.


 Model Name V1V4V6
Pixel Pitch37.5mm / 56.25mm (pixel pitch can be customized)37.5mm / 56.25mm (pixel pitch can be customized)  37.5mm / 56.25mm (pixel pitch can be customized)
 Pixel Configuration1*SMD35354*SMD35356*SMD3535
Panel Size0.3*4.8 mm (size can be customized)0.3*4.8 mm (size can be customized)0.3*4.8 mm (size can be customized)
 Panel Resolution    8*1288*1288*128
Panel Weight4kg /sqm ;10.5 kg/sqm10.5 kg/sqm;
Brightness2000 nits  (depend on pixel pitch)5400nits (depend on pixel pitch)7200nits (depend on pixel pitch)
IP Rating(Front/Rear)IP66IP66IP66
Refresh Rate1000 – 3000 Hz1000 – 3000 Hz1000 – 3000 Hz
Transparency Rate80%80%80%
Scan ModeStaticStaticStatic
Max Power Consumption280 W/㎡ ; 100 W/㎡500 W/㎡ ; 280 W/㎡600W/㎡ ; 300 W/㎡
Color Processing16 bit16 bit16 bit
Viewing Angle(H/V)140°/110°140°/110°140°/110°
Operating Temperature-40~60°C-40~60°C-40~60°C
Main Power SourceAC 100~240V; 50/60HzAC 100~240V; 50/60HzAC 100~240V; 50/60Hz
 Input Voltage7.5V DC15V DC21V DC
Life Time100,000 Hours100,000 Hours100,000 Hours

High Transparency

80% transparency rate, easy for install and Discount

Fast Installation

VSTAR LED Flexible Screen Quick hanging up by using the following two pieces of the connector.

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