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FC Series Advertising LED Screen

VSTAR Advertising LED Screen has die casting, steel, and Magnesium aluminum alloy material design with strong steady and durable structure.

outdoor led screen

Technical information about
this Advertising LED Screen

Screen size:


Screen Size:


Best Perspective :

H: 140°,V: 120°

Screen Resolution:

2K, 1920×1080(dots)

Things you need to know about Advertising LED Screen

We offer a huge range of features. Explore some of the critical strengths of our solutions.

Year warranty

Performance of this warranty is based on buyer’s notifying seller before returning any faulty part for reparation or replacement; based on buyer returns the part to address confirmed by seller.

Certificate approved

all our items are manufactured strictly according to the regulation for EU and US, We will live up our warrantee commitments and provide superior quality what you want.

Weeks to build the trailer.

We have large scale production facilities and a large number of professional staff to produce and deliver on time.

*Depends on actual production schedule

Top Quality of Advertising LED Screen is our priority.

With our professional and young, enthusiastic team. we are able to offer solutions of the highest quality. 

led module 2

Module front side

we provided a flat and firm surface of the led module and IP67 waterproof and heat dissipation.

led module

Module backside

It is the most convenient and fast to install on the cabinet by our design.

led cabinet 2

Cabinet without led module

You will see the one cabinet need make up 6 pieces LED Modules in it.

led cabinet

Cabinets with cards

The LED cabinets inside has HUB , receiving card and some cables for signals and power.

led outdoor screen

Installation locks

We have very user-friendly mounting latches designed to make it easy for our rental customers to solve a lot of time and costs.

led cabinet screen

Front Maintenance

Just take out the screws and take off the broken module to replace new working one.

Important things that you need to know about

We are able to ensure the proper functioning and safety of our displays. All products are manufactured in China with high-quality materials.

outdoor led display

Optional Steel Cabinet

For long-term use in extreme outdoor conditions, we have developed this steel box, which also offers excellent cost-effectiveness.

led billboards

Optional Die-casting Cabinet

For fixed and concert rental use, we have developed this thin and lightweight case to meet the needs of our customers.


Flap-able Cabinet

When the installation is in an environment where rear maintenance is not possible, it is possible to use this flip-top cabinet for front maintenance, which is a good choice

The main advantages of Advertising LED Screen

It can be used in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor locations and can bring you more advertisement benefits.


LED lamp baking

We use NationalStar lamps which need to be baked before SMT, in order to prevent a lot of dead LEDs in the future. So we have stability in the quality of our products.


Efficient Plant & Machinery

We are very aware of how essential it is to have an end-to-end quality machinery that can bring you brilliant and most consistent LED screen products.

Experienced workers

VSTAR has always believed that only the most qualified staff can get the quality of the product right and the company can go the distance to meet your expectations of perfection. That's why VSTAR never stops employing more LED screen specialists in the LED display industry.

Test for each LED Lamps

VSTAR will strictly inspect all the production processes and test each lamps more than 5 times.

Aging complete LED Screens

The aging test of the LED modules is a very essential part before assembling the LED Cabinet, and we do a at least 24 hours aging test.

Confirm the production details

After we have assembled the LED Cabinets, we constructed the complete LED display and performed an aging test for at least 72 hours.

Check the Advertising LED Screen video

Advertising LED display with high brightness, super energy saving outdoor P10 LED display. Standard cathode bias power supply, low power consumption, low attenuation, the lower temperature rise of 20℃, energy saving of more than 50%, warranty of more than 2 years, a brightness of 5500-10000cd per square meter.

Advertising LED Screen Parameters  

Module Size480*320mm480*320mm480*320mm480*320mm
Brightness5500nits 6500nits6500nits 6500nits
Screen size (WxH)960*960mm960*960mm960*960mm960*960mm
Refresh Rate1920Hz or 3840 Hz1920Hz or 3840 Hz1920Hz or 3840 Hz1920Hz
Maintenance MethodFront and RearFront and RearFront and RearFront and Rear
outdoor led screen

We customize any design

by intelligent engineering 

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